Soda Shop Adopting a Family for Christmas

From the Northgate Soda Shop:    We are adopting a local neighborhood family for Christmas.  We have always been so generous during this time of the year so let’s keep it up and dig deeper.   We are not giving the names of this family but we have met them and love them as our family.  There will be jars in the SS / OS for your donations.  This family needs money more than material things.  If you have any questions please talk to Judy or Iris at the SS / OS.”

More about the family:

Here is their story………….
“My wife and I got married in January 2014 and moved to the North Main street community in January with Cash and Lola ages 4 and 5.
 In February 2014 we found out that we were pregnant which completely surprised us considering that she was on birth control and we had been married almost a month.  At our 10 week ultrasound we were surprised again to find out that we were having twins, and at our 13 week ultrasound that we were having triplets. The due date for the triplets was Sept. 20th, but as you may know, triplets rarely if ever go full term. At our 20 week appointment we found out that our smallest baby, baby Jacqueline was sick and was not getting all the nutrients from the placenta that the other two were.  At 27 weeks they did an emergency C-section on my wife to save all three babies lives.  Jacqueline was born at 1 pound 4 ounces, MJ 1 pound 9 ounces and Zoey was born at 2 pounds even.  The doctors told us that it would be a long road for all three of our babies.  Jacqueline had an awful bout of pneumonia that lasted almost 5 weeks and was put on an oscillating respirator and the doctor said that she may not make it through the weekend.  Fast forward to today and  MJ (Margaret Johnson) is at home with us and is loved by all that meet her, especially her big brother and sister Cash and Lola. Zoey will be home in the next two weeks or shorter (big assessment on Monday at the hospital), and Jacqueline our little fighter doesn’t have an exact date but we think no more than 3 more months until we get her home too.  Her lungs need to heal first before we can bring her home probably on oxygen as MJ was at first as well.  We can’t thank you enough for caring about our family and our babies, and trying to support us in the most uncertain of times, but we think the scariest times are behind us and we have faith that our babies will be home safe and sound soon.”
Soda Shop Adopting a Family for Christmas
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