More Criminal and Suspicious Activity

This morning, 11-28-14, 12:45pm, reported by a member. “Two black women are making their way up Ashley selling cleaning supplies. One skinny wearing a red jacket and a back pack. The other in grey pants and a pink top. We called the city police to check them out. Dispatch asked what they were doing suspicious. Finally said she would send a car to check them out. To this moment I have not seen. 30 min. City officer just came by. He said he cruised around the block coming to house. If you see them call and ask for Officer Pratt to come out. He is aware of these people. He says they always disappear before they can get there.” Try to watch where they go to help him and if they come to your door, ask to see a city permit and a name tag.  If they can’t produce it, they are not legit and you should call the police.

Also reported by a member…”A heavyset black guy who says his name is Sam Evans but doesn’t show ID is traversing Wilton Street with a sample case and a spray bottle of “Miracle Rinse” which he says is impressing all my neighbors.”

In addition, one of our members had an expensive, very heavy 600 ft. 3″ diameter marine rope that surrounded their property at 104 E. Montclair Ave. stolen in the last 48 hours. This had to have taken awhile for someone to steal, as it was extremely heavy.  If anyone saw what happened or has seen it, please notify Paton at 864-444-4409.
Why these folks are targeting this area is unknown, but if everyone who sees them or comes in contact with them calls the police, we may be able to reduce the frequency and/or get more police patrols which may serve to deter them.
More Criminal and Suspicious Activity
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