Door to Door Magazine Scams

Two young black men wearing ties came to a member’s home on East Earle St. Monday ostensibly selling magazines. She told them the last time their group came, she never got her magazines.  They said that those reps from their group were not serious, and that she should give them a chance to make it right.  She told them she really didn’t even need any magazines.  They offered to give her the opportunity to help them without receiving any periodicals. She called the police so they could check them out.

Just a reminder: Only church, school, or Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts are allowed to not have a permit. Anyone else is required to have a permit from City Hall (in their possession), a uniform/shirt with the company logo, and a picture ID with the company logo.

You can never be too careful. Unfortunately, there is so much dishonesty and so many scams, the legitimate companies and even some youth groups are suffering. Just be cautious and never let them in your house. If you have doubts, do as she did and call the police so they can get there while they are still around.

Door to Door Magazine Scams
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