Make your voice heard

Do you have any questions, concerns or complaints about anything in the community? The North Main Community Association (NMCA) and your local representatives would like to hear from you. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you’d like to offer kudos to offer your local representatives and administrators, we’re sure they’d love to get that message as well.

If your comment involves something that needs to be reported, delivered, or repaired, browse through this list of common City Service Requests.


If you’re not sure who to contact, please contact us first. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate officer and we’ll help put you in touch with the right person the first time.

View the full NMCA board of directors.

City Hall

Knox White, Mayor
(864) 467-4590

Term: November 2019-2023

Camilla G. Pitman, City Clerk
(864) 467-4431

City Council

John DeWorken
District 1

Term: November 2019-2023


Lillian B. Flemming
District 2

Term: November 2013-2017


Ken Gibson
District 3

Term: November 2019-2023


Wil Brasington

District 4
Term: November 2017-2021


Dorothy Dowe
At large
Term: November 2019-2023


Russell Stall
At large
Term: November 2017-2021


Find Your Elected Officials


Attend a meeting

Access the City Government Meeting Calendar.

Nothing will gain your issue more more prominence than a public statement at a city council meeting. If you would like an NMCA officer to accompany you to a council meeting, please contact us ahead of time.

Normally, the NMCA Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of most months at 6:00 PM at the Bobby Pearse Community Center. Members are welcome to attend board meetings. Please contact us to confirm the date, time, and location prior to attending.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or opinions.