The North Main Community

The North Main Community is a diverse and historic neighborhood.

This map illustrates the boundaries of the North Main Community.

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Total Population: 5248
Number of Households: 2493
Number of Families: 1227
Average Family Size: 2.87
Average Household Income: $54,533
Median Home Value: $201,277
Housing Units: 56% Owner-Occupied, 35% Renter-Occupied, 9% Vacant
Median Age: 39
Population By Sex: 51% Male, 49% Female
Population By Race: 88% White, 6% Black, 5% Hispanic, 1% Other
Marital Status: 50% Married, 30% Never Married, 15% Divorced, 6% Widowed
Population in Labor Force: 95% Employed, 5% Unemployed
Employment By Occupation: 68% White Collar, 20% Blue Collar, 20% Services (Some overlap here)
Average Commute Time: 16 Minutes

Statistics are based on 2015 data and rounded to the nearest whole number.


Summit Drive Elementary School, 4K-5th Grade (Profile)
Stone Academy Elementary School, 5K-5th Grade (Profile)
League Academy Middle School, 6th-8th Grade (Profile)
Greenville Senior High School, 9th-12th Grade (Profile)

City Government

This map illustrates the city council districts:

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