Volunteer in your community

Upcoming committee events are sent to members and listed on the North Main Community Association (NMCA) Facebook page. They are also posted in the Announcements section of this website. Sign-up instructions are posted there as well. If you are a registered member, event details will be emailed to you in advance. If you are not already a member, join today.

You don’t have to be a member of NMCA to volunteer in our community. If you have some spare time and would like to work with a committee, click here and we’ll alert you of upcoming events.

NMCA Board of Directors

John DeWorken, President
Phyllis Gilreath, Vice-President
Jim Gilreath, Treasurer
Dave Modeen, Recording Secretary
Cheyenne Kozaily, Membership Secretary
Sunnie Harmon, Social Committee Secretary
Hunter Cutchin, Beautification Committee Secretary

NMCA Committees

Beautification Committee
Maintain landscaped areas at entrances to North Main Community. Coordinate weeding, planting and general upkeep to enhance the visual appeal as people enter our community.

Community Development Committee
Serve as liaison with city to stay updated on development issues that affect the North Main Community. Work with President to see that NMCA members are aware of these issues and coordinate action that may be required by the board or general membership.

Park Committee
Coordinate efforts to maintain and enhance the North Main Rotary Park, including plant and/or landscaping supply purchases, park work days, and serve as liaison with City Parks & Recreation Department on park maintenance issues.

Public Safety Committee
Serve as liaison with city staff on issues that affect the safety and well being of North Main Community residents. Work with President on relaying information on crime alert to residents.

Social Committee
Coordinate neighborhood social functions such as Neighborhood Night Out, Potluck dinners, etc. in an effort to help members get to know their neighbors in a friendly, casual setting. Maintain communication with director of Bobby Pearce Center to keep members aware of activities at the center which may be of interest.