Christmas Cards and Gifts for a Cause

Maybe you are someone who loves Black Friday. Personally, I hate crowds and do all I can to avoid them. I prefer to shop locally when I can and another thing I’ve found to be a great gift idea is a donation to a charity in memory or honor of someone…or just a charity you feel passionate about. This is an especially good idea if you are a procrastinator and put off everything till the last minute.

If you still follow the tradition of sending Christmas cards, have you bought yours, yet? There are several sites online that sell cards which benefit worthy causes…one of the ones I like is St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Recycled Card Program. They recycle old cards into new ones and sell them with the money going to their programs. You can also get birthday cards, blank cards, etc. which make great gifts. You can also donate your old cards instead of tossing them.

Another great site is the Animal Rescue Site (Greater Good). Here you can choose items which will benefit many charities from Animal sites to Alzheimer’s to breast cancer and more. Every purchase funds research for that charity.

You may have your own favorite charity. Want to know how they rate in terms of how much goes to the actual cause and how much to administration, fundraising and advertising. Check out the Charity Navigator Site and browse rated charities by category.

Happy Shopping!


Christmas Cards and Gifts for a Cause
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