Crime Information from City Detective John Dempsey

Greenville City Detective JM Dempsey wanted the following information to go to various neighborhoods – Dellwood had an unoccupied for sale home in their neighborhood that during the Christmas vacation was broken into and the large appliances were stolen.

My name is John Dempsey. I am a detective with the Greenville Police Department. I have been assigned 4–5 cases where homes under renovation or construction have been broken into and appliances stolen. The subjects are taking items such as the washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and/or microwave. Obviously, this must be done with some type of large truck or trailer. Many times, these people do not wrap or box the items. They are loose in the back of the truck.
If you would, please send an email to the residents in your association to make them aware. Often times, the citizens are the catalyst to making a great case. At this time, we have no suspect description or vehicle description. However, if someone sees a truck or trailer with loose, new (unwrapped, no boxes) large appliances please call the police and provide a description, or a license plate, if feasible. DO NOT APPROACH the suspects.
Also, could this information be passed onto any other HOA presidents that you know in the area? There have been incidents around the Summit Drive and North Main St area as well.”

Thank you for your time and help in this matter.
JM Dempsey
Police Officer 3
Greenville Police Dept

Crime Information from City Detective John Dempsey
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