Motorcycle Theft and other crimes

A member at 35 E Montclair Ave. had someone walk into their open carport, cut the lock chain that secured a Razor electric Red and Yellow MX650 motorcyle and take off with it – leaving the charger.  This was done between the hours of 12:00AM and 5AM this morning. They have called the non-emergency police number and reported the theft.  They did what they thought was right – locking up the equipment, but it was apparently not enough. What is scary is that they feel it is apparent that they were scoped out and targeted.

Anything in the open, locked or otherwise is fair game to these criminals. So please don’t become their next victim.Also as a long shot, should you happen to see an electric scooter around (long shot I know) please reach out.


On another note, we’ve had a number of reports of stolen Christmas lights, small Christmas trees stolen off front porches, etc. They’ve reached a new low!   Also, one resident reported someone going through recycle bins…and when confronted, they took off quickly.  Again, please be careful what you put out in the trash or recycle bins.

Motorcycle Theft and other crimes
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