Update from City on Services

Here’s the latest update from the City:

· Road conditions are improving, but with temperatures dropping to 18 degrees overnight we are very concerned about black ice.

· Due to the potential for icy road conditions in the morning, there will be no trash/recycling collection on Tuesday. Solid waste crews will be providing collection services Wednesday-Saturday this week, so the schedule will be two days behind for everyone.

· Greenlink plans to operate on a three-hour delay on Tuesday, meaning service will begin at 8:30 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m. They will reassess in the morning and could further delay depending on conditions.

· Public Works is continuing to treat and plow priority roads. They are not in a position to get to the neighborhood streets yet.

· The Greenville Zoo will remain closed tomorrow due to icy conditions on pathways and extreme cold temperatures.

· Timmons Park is temporarily closed. Conditions are too icy for park staff to enter and begin clearing streets and paths.

Many schools have already announced plans for tomorrow.  The Greenville County School District has moved to online learning for Tuesday due to weather.

Update from City on Services
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