Development Code ReWrite Begins

The City has begun a year-long project to rewrite its development code, which regulates how and where development of all types may occur. The project team is led by Code Studio and czb, the same firm that assisted the City with the GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan

Much like GVL2040, public engagement and input are critical to the success of this important project and the City is employing a variety of tools to make it easy and convenient to participate in the process:

Follow along with the City’s two “animated” residents, Hank the House and Betty the Building , as they explore code-related questions

Take a deeper dive by reading code-related information and articles , which will be updated twice a month

Check the project website for downloadable monthly updates


Code Connection Sessions: Virtual Project Updates

JoIn us for our first virtual live update on Wednesday, January 19 at 5 p.m.

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Development Code ReWrite Begins
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