Trick or Treat Schedule for North Main Neighborhoods

We’ve had lots of questions on our website about when North Main residents are observing Halloween in terms of trick or treating. We’ve checked websites, city contacts and polled local residents who have kids and the consensus is Sunday. While some local cities have recommended dates, Greenville does not “endorse” one day versus another, but leaves it up to individual neighborhoods. Since Oct 31 does fall on a Sunday this year, most are going with the calendar date and many will start around 6 PM. Many adult parties are being held on Friday and Saturday, and in some communities, folks are expecting kids on both nights.

If you think you may have kids show up on Saturday and you plan to be out, you can always leave a basket of candy with a sign. I did that last year (my sign said “honor system…please take only 3 pieces”) and I actually had candy left when I returned home. I will likely do that on Saturday but plan to be home on Sunday evening. If you want to participate in trick or treating, leave your front porch light on to let the little goblins know.

There are at least two block parties going on….. East Hillcrest and Buist Avenue. There are other local activities going on this weekend that you can participate in. Check out this website for some examples.

Above all ….have fun and be safe!

Trick or Treat Schedule for North Main Neighborhoods
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