Crime Watch Incident

One of our NMCA members and neighbors asked that we inform our members of this incident. He asked that his personal information be withheld. Please read.

I wanted to send you an email in hopes you will notify others in the neighborhood about what happened to me and my wife early this morning. We had someone ring our doorbell at 12:15 a.m. It obviously woke us up, as well as our dogs. When I went to a front bedroom window to check who was on the porch, I heard someone leaving. I never actually saw the person who rang our doorbell. It’s my belief our dogs scared away whoever it was at our door.

I called the police department’s non-emergency phone number (271-5333) and told them what happened. I asked them to please send an officer to do a courtesy check around our property just in case the person was still lingering around. The cops were there in minutes. To my knowledge, they did not find anyone.

I want to share this story so people know that someone had the audacity to walk up to our well-lit front porch and try to get us to come to the door. I also want our neighbors to know that it is OK to call the police like I did and have them check it out. We got a great response from officers, and I think they should know that. Because I called, the police department is aware of what happened and will know if it becomes a pattern in our neighborhood. I would encourage people who have a similar experience to report it to police so they know if we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.

If others have similar experiences, please call the police, but please also email NMCA or post on our website and let us know so that we can inform other neighbors. This is a goal of our Neighborhood Watch program….to alert our members of potential problems.

Crime Watch Incident
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