Recent Thefts in North Main

Just to alert you. We have had several equipment thefts in the last few weeks. On April 17 a 5’ X10’ utility trailer was stolen from a member’s driveway on Ashley Ave. The trailer was locked and not visible from the street but apparently that didn’t deter the thieves. Since their cars are garaged, it wasn’t easy to tell that no one was home, so they must have been watching their schedule in order to make of with it in the fairly short time they weren’t there. A police report was filed.

That makes you wonder if there is a connection to the black SUV that was seen cruising the neighborhood recently.

On April 10, another utility trailer was stolen out of a driveway on 229 Mohawk Drive.

A member on Buist had two break-ins in the last few weeks. The thieves stole large tools.

Again…be careful where you leave mowers and other large lawn and garden tools when you take a break or finish for the day. It obviously doesn’t take but a minute for them to disappear.

If you have a theft on your street, please post it on our FB page so others will know and can be on the watch out. You don’t have to give your exact address, just the block would be nice. Thank you.

Recent Thefts in North Main
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