Coyotes Heard in North Main

coyote_headshotOne of our members posted on our FB page that twice in the last few weeks, she has heard what sounds like coyotes in the area east of North Main and north of Gallivan. She’s only heard them very late at night or very early in the morning. A neighbor’s cat on Russell Ave. was mysteriously killed and chewed up badly. It does makes you wonder. Anyone else heard anything like the high-pitched coyote yowl?  They are very distinctive and much different from a dog.
We know that we have dogs roaming and they can kill or maim a cat or even a small dog.  But we have also had coyote sightings in the past. Coyotes first appeared in the upstate in 1978, and they are now present in all counties of South Carolina.  Please note:   the use of any poison to attempt to control coyotes is a violation of Federal and State law. The use of poison indiscriminately kills other wildlife and pets, and may be fatal to humans that come in contact with the substance.
With all the development going on in Greenville and especially the North Main area, as we lose our urban forests and green spaces, we will likely see more and more of these sightings.  We are going to have to learn to coexist with a species whose troublesome behavior is really our fault!
An even better reason to keep your small pets safely inside, especially at night.
Coyotes Heard in North Main
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