Recent Crimes in North Main – Be Aware

Apparently we have had a rash of crime this week in our neighborhood.  In addition to the stolen vehicle we reported on earlier in the week, someone was on a screen porch on Randall Sunday night.  Cabinet doors were left open and items moved, but nothing was taken.

Last night a truck was broken into on W. Mountainview and a laptop was stolen.  The truck was parked in their driveway.

Also, last night, two vehicles on W. Hillcrest were broken into and pillaged but nothing was taken that they are aware of.  These vehicles are normally locked, but this one time they forgot to check.   Another nearby resident noticed that their motion sensor lights came on last night making them wonder if someone was in their driveway.

In addition, there has been usual activity seen in the last two weeks involving a van and a truck in the same area.  In both cases, a woman with long, possibly bleached blond hair, got out and was going through garbage cans, actually looking through bags, and in both cases ended up putting the entire bag in her vehicle and leaving.  This was in broad daylight.

All of these cases should teach us several things:   1) don’t leave vehicles unlocked or valuables inside, especially in plain view.  2) don’t put personal information in your garbage which would make it easy for someone to get…think identity theft.  3) don’t leave bicycles, lawn equipment, etc. in the yard in plain sight, and, 4) if you see suspicious activity, get as much information as you can, including a license number if possible, and call the police non-emergency number (864-467-5333).

Recent Crimes in North Main – Be Aware
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