Draft Infill Ordinance

The first draft of the infill ordinance is now online at the City’s Planning Website under Infill Development.  Here you can find presentations and minutes of the meetings.  We are providing a brief summary, but if you want to see entire document, we direct you to the website above.  Keep in mind…this is still a DRAFT document and will be presented at a public meeting TBA.

Issues addressed included:

1)    Driveways/Garages/Carports – recommendations stressed consistency with the predominant pattern of the neighborhood with limitations on garages facing the street, locations of driveways and materials used for driveways, promoting use of ribbon strip or alternative pavement.

2)   Stormwater Detention/Retention Standards – recommendations addressed location (distance from property line), slope and landscaping.  This would apply to infill subdivisions which require stormwater quantity and create a subdivision of 2-15 lots in single-family residential neighborhoods.

3)   Stormwater Runoff Standards – Single family home construction shall not exceed 50% impervious coverage over the total lot area and provide a minimum 10 foot setback from any property line adjacent to another single family property.  Where a 10 foot or greater setback is provided, stormwater discharges shall insure the water is dissipated prior to leaving the property.  If the above cannot be met, practices shall be used to delay the release of water, using such methods as vegetative filter strips, sloping impervious driveways, etc. to landscaped areas, use of rain barrels, etc.

4)   Trees – Realizing the importance of preserving the visual and aesthetic qualities of Greenville, the goal is to encourage site design techniques that preserve the natural environment and enhance the developed environment.  Tree surveys are not required for single-family lots or single-family subdivisions.  Including any required street trees, 2 canopy trees are required per single family lot in R-6 and 3 canopy trees per lot in R-9.  Existing trees that are preserved and protected and meet the minimum size can be counted.  Trees shall be an approved species and shall be a minimum of 2 ½ inch caliper measured at 6 inches above the top of the root flare.  Efforts should be made to the extent practicable to preserve tree(s) that if removed, could alter the character of the neighborhood.

Draft Infill Ordinance
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