Nov 19 Public Hearing for Proposed Subdivision at 1724 North Main

One of the items on the Nov 19 Planning Commission Agenda concerns a lot at 1724 North Main St.  Many of you may have seen the sign.

It is agenda number SD 15-690.  Application by Clay Jones for a SUBDIVISION of 1.185 acres located at 1724 N MAIN, from 2 lots into 3 lots in the R-6, Single-family Residential District (TM# 018000-01-00900, 018000-01-00901). If you want to see the full text, go to and scroll down to the bottom and click on the documents for that item.  The Public Hearing for preliminary review is at 4 PM in the first (1st) floor conference room at City Hall.  You will have the opportunity to voice your comments at the Public Hearing.  Alternatively, you may submit written comments to: Marie McClendon, Planning & Development Office, PO Box 2207, Greenville, SC 29602, by fax at 864.467.4510, or by email at . Written comments must be received by the Monday before the Hearing in order to be given adequate time for consideration by the Commission before the hearing.  Comments received after that Monday will be provided to the Commission at the Hearing.  Please reference the application number and include your name and address on all correspondence.  All comments will be made part of the public record.

The developer may be required to have a public neighborhood meeting.  A property owner that directly abuts the proposed project or owners of 20% of parcels within 500’ may also request a meeting. Contact the Planning and Development Office for further instructions.

Below is a photo from the document.


Main Street Dev Photo


Nov 19 Public Hearing for Proposed Subdivision at 1724 North Main
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