North Main Zoning Showdowns Head for Season Finale

It’s too bad that our zoning hearings were not part of a reality TV series. We would have a season finale coming up.

In case you missed them, there have already been dramatic committee and court episodes involving post-midnight waffles, shrouded signs and disappearing trees. The cast has been wide-ranging from neighborhood association board members and developers to chain restaurant lawyers and politicians. Now, it all comes down to one hearing, one board. The BZA will decide.

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Contact the Board of Zoning Appeals with your view before the meeting (Thursday, June 17th, 4pm @ Greenville City Council Chambers. Here are their names, email/physical addresses: 

Furman Jackson,  Chair

Erin Culbertson             

Chris Fay                          

Andy Sherard                  

Brad Halter                                 200 East Broad Street     Ste. 200

                                                       Greenville, S.C.   29601 

Adam Marcus                             Post Office Box 8624

                                                        Greenville, S.C.   29604 

Leah Funderburk                       Post Office Box 728

                                                         Greenville, S.C.  29602

North Main Zoning Showdowns Head for Season Finale
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