Neighborhood Alert !

Over the past several months, North Main residents have been approached by a man who claims that he lost his house and job and asks for money or for yard work he can do for payment. He is Caucasian, about 6 feet, average build, often on a bicycle but sometimes on foot. Last week, he came to houses on both W. Hillcrest and E. Mountainview late at night. In one case, he left after ringing the doorbell a couple of times, but in the other case, after no one answered, he stole a pair of tennis shoes off the front porch. In both cases, the residents would not answer the door.

Although we may want to help, Courtney Palmer, Greenville’s Crime Prevention Specialist, strongly advises against it. There is the risk that when you give money, they may come back as in these instances. Allowing access to your home and/or property not only allows an unintended view of what may be worth stealing but also brings a familiarity to your neighbors that this person has your permission to be on your property or in your home when you are not there.

Be extremely careful and do NOT hire random people for jobs. If someone comes knocking on your door in a threatening manner or late at night, immediately contact the police. The non-emergency number is 271-5333. These situations emphasize how beneficial a neighborhood watch program would be. If you are interested in participating in such a program in our area, please contact Mike Cubelo at If anyone would like a security survey done of their home (checking windows, locks, landscaping, lighting, etc), please contact Courtney Palmer at or call 864-467-4372.

Neighborhood Alert !
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