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2013 NMCA Elections

You should have received your NMCA 2013 Board of Directors Election Ballot…either by email or snail mail.  Please follow the directions with the ballot and return it so you will have a say in who will represent you in the coming year.  If you did not receive a ballot or have questions, please email pgilreath@aol.com.


Welcome to NMCA’s Newest Business Member

T.L. Norris Gallery is a new contemporary art gallery in downtown Greenville. “The gallery features the works of 18 national and international artists with a wide range of styles and media. These artists have won numerous awards and have exhibited in some of the best galleries in the world. T.L. Norris Gallery is excited to bring them to Greenville. Our goal is to add to the already thriving arts community here and to help make Greenville an art destination.”

They are located at 1 West Hampton Blvd.  Check out their facebook page and website for more information and pictures of their recent grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.  Their contact information is: (864) 991-8645, info@tlnorrisgallery.com   Please help welcome them to the North Main Community!!

Mountainview Developments

We’ve all been watching with great interest the activity going on between W. Mountainview and Buist where the new ‘10 home development’ is going in.  Land clearing is well underway as the space is being opened up and large trees removed to the dismay of many residents, fearing for the well-being of the wildlife who called that area home.  It is my understanding from the city that because this project is for a Major Subdivision (for single-family development), there are no tree retention requirements.  Hopefully they will leave healthy trees where possible and plant the proper species for this area which will provide wildlife habitat and buffers for existing homes.  The drawing to the right was taken from Highland Homes website…the developer of the property.  According to the website information, all 10 home sites have been sold. Other sources indicate the homes are their typical craftsman style and are ranging from 3-4 BR. They are priced mid-400s.  Construction was to begin this fall.

A smaller development of 5 homes is slated for an area on Mountainview that borders the alley running between West Hillcrest and West Mountainview.  This was before the Planning Commission last month.  See http://www.greenvillesc.gov/PlanningZoning/PlanningApplications/default.aspx  for more information.

There have also been rumors circulating about future development further west of this parcel, the majority of which is wooded and is located between homes on West Mountainview and W. Hillcrest, along a city owned alley.  Access to any of these subdivisions would likely have to be from West Mountainview as described in the document linked to above.  We will alert you to any information or Public Hearings that we are aware of concerning future development in our area.


Greenville’s North Recycling Center is Open!

A gift of land that will continue to give dividends….Many of you may remember Courtney Shives, a longtime active North Main resident. Prior to his death, he generously donated several pieces of land to the city. At 514 Rutherford Road, the City has opened the North Greenville Recycling Center.

The City took extra care in landscaping the new facility to give a proper entrance to the neighborhood while making it highly visible and accessible to neighbors. The City completed the project with many partners from Greenville Hospital System who donated dirt, Michelin Tires donated an air pump for filling tires and old bricks from the Peace Center are part of the walkway!

Recycling centers are good for environment and our city budget! Less waste to the landfill helps keep the solid waste costs down. Recycling Centers can also become profit centers. The market for recycled materials grows each year and with innovation, we continue to see good opportunities for garbage!

If you are an educator and wish to have a field trip to this center, there is classroom space in the building, contact the City’s Recycling Coordinator, Brittany Keller <bkeller@greenvillesc.gov> (Thanks to Amy Ryberg-Doyle for this article)


Youth Commission Video on Bullying

Pam Davis, Recreation Programs Manager with the Greenville Parks and Recreation Department, asked us to share with you a video that the City of Greenville Youth Commission filmed and produced in hopes to make a difference in the lives of youth who bully or are bullied. Please feel free to share this and/or use it to help our youth!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uwNCoR1YTo


There Is No Poop Fairy!

Pet waste that is not scooped is a big problem for our community and the lakes, streams and waterways we enjoy in Greenville County. It is estimated that there are 114,483 dogs in Greenville County generating more than 57,000 pounds of waste every day! Dog waste left alone can pollute ground and surface water, attract pets and flies, create an unpleasant odor and be unhealthy for dogs and children, because dog waste can transmit parasites and infectious diseases. Each dog owner must be responsible and scoop the poop. All you have to do is grab it, bag it and toss it into an appropriate trash receptacle.

Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District installed a Pet Waste Digester Demonstration area at Animal Care Services, located at 328 Furman Hall Road. Many people do not enjoy cleaning up Fido’s waste and the facilities at Animal Care provide the perfect venue to show how effective and easy it is to use a digester to keep your yard and community poop free. As the demonstration site will illustrate, using a digester is easy, inexpensive and convenient to do at home. Once you dig a hole and install your digester, you can use a scooper pan to pick up the waste left by your dog and drop it in the digester. You then add a special enzyme stool digester mix and a small amount of water. This disposal method is good for the environment and reduces the amount of waste collected at landfills. The temperature in Greenville makes it the perfect place to use a digester.  Check out their website for more information.

Note:  For those of you who walk your dogs in the park and let them run in the ball field (even though there are signs posted prohibiting this), please be considerate of others and ‘scoop your poop’.  There are bag stations at the park in case you forgot to bring your own.  Thank you!


Need a New Home for Fido or Fluffy?

Sometimes due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, one finds themselves in a position to no longer be able to care for their canine or feline companion.  Obviously the best choice is to find a trusted friend or neighbor who will give your companion a permanent loving home, but if that is not an option, surrendering your pet to animal control should be a last resort.  While they will make every attempt to place your pet, they are so overcrowded that time may be a limiting factor to placement.  Greenville Animal Care Services (ACS) provides the following link of options for your best friend.  Just go to the Petfinder website to find a list of animal welfare organizations near you.


North Main Streetscape Project

In September, several neighborhood residents met with city planners as part of a stakeholder meeting to discuss and provide input into the streetscaping project on North Main from Stone Avenue to Academy Street. Three members of your NMCA board were in attendance.  The goals of the project were presented and include:

• Meet City Council Appropriated Project Budget of $203,000

• Beautify Street & Define Roadway

• Extend Downtown Character Towards Stone Ave.

• Encourage Revitalization of Area

• Increase Property Values

• Improve Pedestrian Environment & Walkability

• Increase Tree Canopy & Landscaping

• Limit Disruptions to Property Owners During Construction

The timeline was set for the design, engineering and permitting to happen in October, with bidding in November and December, construction from January to March, with the completion of the project by Spring, 2013.  The schematic to the right shows a typical street cross section.  These documents, including the October presentation and the Concept Plan for this area are being placed online and we will send you the links as soon as we receive them.

Christmas Bird Count

Yes, it’s early, but mark your calendars now so you will be ready next month for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.  From December 14 through January 5, tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the Americas take part in an adventure that has become a family tradition among generations. Families and students, birders and scientists, armed with binoculars, bird guides and checklists go out on an annual mission – often before dawn. For over one hundred years, the desire to both make a difference and to experience the beauty of nature has driven dedicated people to leave the comfort of a warm house during the Holiday season.  Check out the Audubon website for more information.

BIRDING!!  Lake Conestee Nature Park is rated by many experienced birders as one of the best birding sites in the Upstate of South Carolina. It is featured as a South Carolina birding hot-spot on e-bird and on the Carolina Bird Club and Greenville County Bird Club websites.  The Greenville County Bird Club conducts a guided bird trip in the Park on the third Saturday of every month. Details can be found on the Outings page of the Greenville County Bird Club website.

And don’t forget that in the winter, birds still need our help…often water is just as important as food.  Make sure you keep your birdbaths clean and filled.  During freezing weather this may take a little extra effort, but our feathered friends will appreciate it!!

Recycle Your Holiday Cards to Help St. Jude’s

As we start thinking about the holidays and sending cards to catch up on old friends, think about what you do with those cards after you’ve read them…do you save them or just toss them?  Well…here’s another option you may not be familiar with.  St. Jude’s Ranch for Children recycles used greeting cards and creates new holiday and greeting cards for any occasion. Recycled cards are sold in packs of 10 for $10 to support our programs and services.

The program is beneficial to everyone – customers receive fun, “green” holiday cards they can feel good sending to their friends and loved ones, and the children at St. Jude’s Ranch receive payment for their work and learn about basic job skills and the importance of recycling.  They currently have an increased need for both Birthday and Thank You card submissions.  To learn more about how to submit used cards or purchase recycled ones, go to their website at   http://www.stjudesranch.org/shop/recycled-card-program/

Weather Tidbits

According to climate data, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in November is 62.4°F, the average low is 40.5°F and the average precipitation is 3.65”.  The record maximum for the period 1962-2006 was 85°F on November 2, 1974.  The record minimum was 12°F on November 25, 1970.  Record high rainfall was in 1992 with 7.85”.   Record minimum precipitation was 1.34” back in 1970.

On November 12, 1968, a rapidly intensifying coastal storm on the 11th and 12th produced the earliest measurable South Carolina snowfall outside of the Upstate mountains, with 15 inches recorded at Caesar’s Head. Prior to 1968, the earliest measurable snows had fallen on November 13, 1904. The previous record earliest November measurable snowfall in South Carolina occurred at Caesars Head on November 4, 1930.   http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/ncdc.html   http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php


Flash From the Past

Here are two new photographs for you to identify…(photographs courtesy of Upstate Forever)








 From Last Month:

This was the house of the sexton for Springwood Cemetery.  As part of a 1914 beautification effort by the city, a two-story dwelling built of brick veneer with a granite foundation and fitted out with all modern conveniences was constructed to house the new cemetery sexton (the first being George Morris).  The city did away with the house in 1978.  The sexton worked the cemetery and kept records, and kept up this house. Springwood Cemetery is locally significant as a culturally, architecturally and historically significant site. The development of Springwood Cemetery was directly linked with the establishment and growth of Greenville. The cemetery is the final resting place of many of the most prominent and influential families in Greenville’s early history. The funerary art is equally noteworthy for its variety of materials and styles.  http://www.nationalregister.sc.gov/greenville/S10817723061/S10817723061.pdf


The Parker High School Auditorium is an outstanding example of Works Progress Administration (WPA) designed educational architecture of the late 1930s. The building was constructed in 1938 in the Classical Revival style at a cost of $50,000 and was designed to be fireproof. The auditorium was part of a $285,000 WPA building project for the school that also included a gymnasium, an athletic field, a vocational building, a cafeteria and library, and an automobile shop. According to Greenville press accounts, the Parker High School building program was the largest WPA school project in South Carolina. The other buildings have either been torn down or altered to the extent that they no longer retain their integrity. The auditorium is the best and most-intact building from the massive WPA building project on the Parker campus. It is a 7500 square foot rectangular brick building with a front gabled roof. A classroom building was added to the rear in 1964. The Parker High School Auditorium is also significant for its association with the textile industry of Greenville. The auditorium stood as the center of the Parker School District, which served those who lived in the mill villages of the city and vicinity from 1922 to 1952. Listed in the National Register February 26, 1996.  View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property.




City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

The Hughes Main Library has numerous programs for adults and children.  Check out their November Calendar

November 18Turkey Trot 5K.  10:30am – Furman University.  It’s Turkey Trot time!  Runners and Walkers–  A timed run on a certified 5K course with splits being called through the beautiful Furman Campus in the shadow of Paris Mountain decorated in magnificent fall colors by Mother Nature. Registration Opens: 1:00 PM.  Kids Race (5 and under free, .25 mile run. Free for all kids who have a parent or guardian doing the 5K!) : 1:45 PM.  Start Time: 2:00 PM.  Location: Furman University, Timmons Arena.  Refreshments will be served, and prizes will be awarded.

Nov 19 and Dec 17Earth Markets Greenville Holiday Markets – Michael McDunn Gallery, 741 Rutherford Rd. @ N. Main.  2-6 pm.  Adding new producers each month, and fresh produce in season comes in as ready! Contact janettewwesley@yahoo.com for any questions or visit   www.slowfoodupstate.com

November 23Ice on Main will return to downtown Greenville on November 23, 2012, and remain open through January 21, 2013  from 11am – 10pm… eight full weeks of skating excitement.  Greenville’s only outdoor rink will incorporate new features this season such as increased spectator areas and original student artwork. Clear dasher boards will also be installed to enhance rink visibility. Follow us on twitter @IceOnMain to learn about upcoming events and opportunities to win free tickets!  In front of the Courtyard Marriott
Telephone: 864-467-4491     Admission: $10 adults/$8 children 12 or under

December 1 – 2012 Upstate SC Jingle Bell 5k and Fun Run/Walk.  CU-ICAR, 5 Research Drive, Greenville.  9am – 12 noon. The Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell 5K run (competitive timed run)at 9:00am followed by a 3 mile or 1 mile Fun/Run Walk at 10:00am. This is a community awareness event.  Telephone: 704-705-1799

December 1 – Poinsettia Christmas Parade.  Main Street, Downtown Greenville.  Christmas parade from Augusta to North Street.  6pm – 7:30 pm.  Telephone: 864-467-4484.   Admission: free


For other community events, check the Greenville City calendar 

Or, the Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau


Winter Programs at Greenville Community Centers

Program Instructors Needed

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is seeking instructors to offer fun and exciting recreational and educational classes to our community. Our department offers a wide variety of recreational programs to citizens of all ages. These programs take place in city parks, community centers and other locations.   For a full listing of programs visit  http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/RecPrograms.aspx

Winter 2012/13 Paid Program Schedule

The City offers a variety of programs for youth and adults. From adult softball leagues to youth soccer, from After School Programs to Kid’s fitness, see what’s available by clicking on these links:

Youth Programs

Adult Programs

Writing Workshops

In partnership with the Emrys Foundation, the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering writing workshops at Bobby Pearse Community Center and Sears Recreation Center! For more information about these programs: at www.emrys.org.


The City of Greenville works with a variety of organizations to host programs in city facilities. Registration for these programs is available through their websites.



Adults | Sept. 1-Nov. 30 | Monday-Saturday classes, times vary
The Jazzercise workout program combines jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing movements into one 60-minute total body workout. Each workout blends dance aerobics with muscle toning and stretching movements. Our certified fitness instructors make all the routines fun and easy-to-follow. Note: Registration is not available through the city of Greenville. Please visit jcls.jazzercise.com to register.

Adults | Sept. 8-Nov. 24 | Saturdays 9:30am – Noon. Gower Park (24 Evelyn Ave.)
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA. It is easy to learn and played by persons of all ages but seniors in particular. It provides good exercise, competition, fun, and social interaction. The game is played on a shortened and narrowed tennis court, singles or doubles, with a hard paddle and a plastic, baseball-sized, light-weight whiffle ball. It’s like playing ping-pong on a tennis court. Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend, but we would recommend some paddle-sport experience like tennis, or a bit of coordination and the physical ability to move around on the small court. The program is free to try, and there’s only a quarterly $10 charge for new balls if you continue. Loaner paddles will be provided until you purchase your own. Just come, wear your court shoes, bring your sense of humor, and be prepared for lots of fun.  Want more info on the sport?  Go to http://www.upstatepickleball.blogspot.com/

Senior Softball
Adult Seniors | Sept. 4-Nov. 27 | Tuesdays 10 am – Noon
Grab your glove, grab your cleats and join us on Tuesdays at 10am at Cleveland Park for Senior Softball! This program is for adults 55 years old and older and meets weekly. There is no fee to play. The goal of this program is to create a league of teams to compete with each other; however, participants will continue to meet weekly and scrimmage until there are enough players to form an adequate number of teams.

Kickball, Co-Ed
Adults | Oct. 3-Dec 7 | Wednesdays & Fridays | Games are between 6 and 10 pm
Interested in playing Adult Kickball? Join us at N. Main Rotary Park this fall with other young professionals in a sport that is fun to play and easy to learn! Note: Registration is not available through the City of Greenville. Please register at playgreenville.com

In partnership with the Greenville Sports Leagues, the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation is also offering Adult Co-Ed Flag Football and Men’s Flag Football.

Santa’s Workshop

Location: McPherson Park, Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Saturday, December 1, 2012
Times: 10 am-1 pm
Cost: Free
Ages: Adults
Contact: 864-467-4326

Come visit with Santa! Bring your camera and have a photo with Santa free! Yes, Santa will be checking his list by the chimney and kids will have their last chance to give another hint to Santa. There will be cider, games, cookies, elves and crafts! Kids get to make a gingerbread house from scratch (no kits!) and using real frosting.

Ballroom Line Dancing

Location: Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Tuesdays, December 4 – January 22, 2013
Time: 7-8 pm
Cost: Residents – $5 per class or $32 for 6 week session;
Non-Residents – $6 per class or $40 for 6 week session
Ages: Adult
Contact: 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

Ballroom dancing is making a comeback and what better way to get introduced to this fun dance than through line dancing. This class is for beginners and focuses on learning ballroom dance steps in formation to a variety of music such as Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba and Cha Cha. No partner necessary.

Beginner Sewing Lessons

Location: Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Saturdays, January 26, February 2 & 9, 2013
Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: Residents – $100; Non-residents: $125
Ages: Adult
Contact: 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew or need a refresher course in machine stitching? Join the City of Greenville and Elizabeth Chandler Designs in beginner sewing lessons. In this three-part educational series, you will learn the basics of sewing while you make cute and fun projects. Supplies will be provided for the first class, but you will need to buy your own fabric and thread for lessons 2 and 3.

Beginner Watercolor Painting

Location: Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Saturdays, January 12, 19, 26 & February 2, 9, 16 2013
Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: City of Greenville Residents – $90; Non-residents: $110
Ages: Adult; Minimum participants: 6; Maximum participants: 12
Contact: 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint with watercolor or need a refresher course in materials and technique? Join the City of Greenville and Ron Gillen in beginner watercolor painting lessons. In this six session educational series, you will learn the basics of watercolor art, how to use medium and techniques to learn the steps to finish a painted piece. During the first session participants will be instructed on specific types of medium for additional projects for the following lessons.

Boys/Girls Teen Club

Location: Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Wednesdays, January 2 & 16; February 6 & 13 & 20; March 6 & 13, 2013
Time: 5:30-7 pm
Cost: Free
Ages: 13-16
Contact: 864-467-4330

This program is for middle school and high school students. Staff will facilitate exciting events each month with various guests with activities and discussions. There will also be trips and other teen activities. Something fun to do in the winter!

Holiday Break Camp!

Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
Dates: December 20-21 & 27-28, 2012
Time: 7:30 am–6 pm
Cost: $44 for residents; $55 for non-residents
Ages: 5-13
Contact: 864-467-4331
Registration: Register Online

Holiday Break Camp at Bobby Pearse Community Centers on December 20 -21. The camp will run from 7:30am – 6pm each day. The staff at the community centers will incorporate games, arts/crafts, trips, sports, etc. We will utilize Project Host to provide lunches each day, and we will also provide an afternoon snack. We will offer a family discount — We will offer a family discount — City Residents – $44 for one child; $80 for two children; $116 for three or more children. Non-Residents – $55 for one child; $100 for two children; $145 for three or more children

Parent/Child Sewing Lessons – Create your own Christmas Stocking!

Location: Sears Recreation Center
Dates: Saturday December 8, 2012
Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: City of Greenville Residents – $20; Non-residents: $25
Ages: Parent/Child; Minimum participants: 4; Maximum participants: 10
Contact: 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

The holidays can be a crazy time of year. Take a break from your busy schedule to do something crafty. In this three hour class, you will use the sewing machine to create a cute fabric stocking. Students will be responsible for buying their own fabric and thread. A supply list will be emailed to all registrants.

For a complete list of programs go to the Parks and Recreation Website.


Community Center Rentals

Planning a special event like a wedding reception, birthday, anniversary or family reunion? Why not have your events at the Sears Recreation Center? It is conveniently located in McPherson Park at the corner of North Main Street and E. Park Avenue (100 E. Park Avenue).

Some of the Community Center features are:

  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Piano
  • Banquet tables & chairs
  • Plenty of parking
  • Sound system

Contact Jan Cox at 864-467-4326 or jbcox@greenvillesc.gov for more information and availability.


The use of trade names or advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement or discrimination by the North Main Community Association.











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