Biographical Information on 2013 NMCA Board Candidates

President:  Bob Bainbridge

Architect and urban planner Robert “Bob” Bainbridge has devoted most of his life to preserving and bringing awareness to historic structures all across the country, but especially in the Palmetto State since he moved to Greenville in 1981.  As a professor at Clemson University for many years, Bob taught subjects such as historic preservation and city planning. He has conducted countless architectural studies, symposiums and formal nominations, including the current National Register nominations for Clemson’s Structural Science Buildings and the Glendale Historic District in Spartanburg County.  Bob has been an active member of NMCA for many years and is a past Vice President.

Vice President:  Hunter Freeman

Hunter is an IP and litigation attorney at McNair Law Firm in downtown Greenville. He is currently on the Greenville Bar Executive Committee.  He and his wife and two young children have lived in North Main for approximately 8 years, love the neighborhood and want to become more involved.

Recording Secretary: Jeannine Smith

Jeannine works for a prominent financial services firm located in downtown Greenville and has been a resident and homeowner in North Main for six years.  Some of her community accomplishments and qualifications are listed below.

  • volunteered for Special Olympics coaching program  (affiliated with Greenville County Recreation District) for many years for  both swimming and tennis camps
  • previously a board member of two residential neighborhoods for Greer and Easley
  • former writer for showcasing downtown restaurants
  • frequently attends city businesses/events and volunteers for city events
  • her interests are new ideas for a safer and strong North Main neighborhood

Treasurer:  Jim Gilreath

Jim is a retired professor of Horticultural Science from the University of Florida where he conducted field research for 26 years working with vegetable, strawberry and cut flower growers.  He was born and raised on W. Hillcrest Dr., and returned to it in 2008 after retirement.   He served two terms as NMCA President and is currently the Treasurer.  His goals for NMCA are to increase membership in order to better represent the neighborhood and elicit improvements in communication with elected community leaders, improve communication with association members on matters of relevance to the area and build upon the fundamental strengths created by past leadership in our association.

Membership Secretary:  Joyce Murphy

Joyce has been a constant member of NMCA since moving to Greenville and Earle Street in 2002 and has attended almost every meeting and function.   She has been a faithful member of the beautification committee and has worked every year on the Rite-Aid site from the beginning.  She also is very active in projects in the North Main Rotary Park and contributes her time to all the park work days.  Joyce is retired from Michelin and currently serves as Membership Secretary.

Biographical Information on 2013 NMCA Board Candidates
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