NMCA Newsletter (11/09)


This will be an important work day for the Rotary Park. There are many shrubs and trees that need to be planted (this is the optimum time of year) as well as weed removal and general clean up. Please try to come and bring your shovels, work gloves and energy. Notify Steve Mills if you can help out. A rain date of Saturday, Dec. 12th has been set in case of bad weather.


Despite the demolition of the existing house on the Waffle House Stone Ave site, there has been no news of an appeal of the special exception against 24 hour operation of businesses on Stone Ave by Waffle House. While that is good news, the surrounding residents felt that it would be a mistake to relax the vigil. It was decided to send representatives of all the adjoining neighborhood associations to speak briefly at City Council meetings as a reminder to our representatives of the importance of adhering to the non-24 hour rule. Thanks to Laura Massingill, president of East Park Historic District, and all the other concerned residents who appeared before Council this past Monday. Laura spoke briefly but eloquently of this important issue. Mayor White revealed that the City is working with Waffle House to find another site. That was great news and we need to think about how we can help. Current plans are to continue to appear before future City Council meetings. We will keep you informed and would welcome the attendance of all supporters. It only took one hour out of the day to make the trip to City Hall and attend. Buttons and stickers showing the above “No 24 hour on Stone Ave” logo have also been made and will be available to anyone who requests it. Please let us know if you are interested in this or in appearing at any future City Council meetings.

NMCA Newsletter (11/09)
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