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Donna Rhyne, president of Dellwood Neighborhood Association, sent us the following update on plans for Wade Hampton Blvd.

From an earlier email from Council District 1 Representative Amy Doyle:

We have plans underway for landscaped medians in partnership with Bob Jones University, improving the bus lane adding a bike lane, possibly. In addition, we just received a state forestry grant for improving the tree canopy. We have begun the process for a Stone Avenue Master plan rfp which will include part of Wade Hampton. There is one motel business whose business license renewal is under City Legal review because of the last year police activity.

After a meeting with Amy on Wednesday, October 14th, we have further information on each of the points:

Landscaped medians: There are markings on the pavement to show the locations to either add or extend 5 landscaped medians in the center of Wade Hampton between White Oak Drive and the intersection with 291. There will be some changes to turn lanes and space as a result. This will be continued on Wade Hampton in 3 additional phases as money is available.

Improving the bus lane/adding a bike lane: There are preliminary plans to change the outside lane in each direction to a high-speed bus lane, reducing Wade Hampton to two lanes for autos in each direction. There are also preliminary plans to move the traffic light from the Batesview Drive intersection (IHOP) to the White Oak Road intersection (Arnold’s Bakery).

Tree Canopy: The City has received a Grant from the State to improve the tree canopy along Wade Hampton. The initial phase of plantings will be from Batesview Drive toward town.

RFP for Stone Avenue: RFP… request for proposals from consultants, for a redesign of West and East Stone from Rutherford to Church and including East Park and the lower end of Mohawk.

Motel business under review: Regal Inn

In addition, you may have noticed the clearing of land fronting on Wade Hampton, between Wellington (near the Dixie) and the Travel Inn. This property is owned by Steve Timmons and is planned to have retail fronting on Wade Hampton, and townhomes fronting on Gilfilling, which is parallel to Wade Hampton. Some of the residents in the Vista Hills area have met with the developer and have seen the plans. This is the same local developer clearing the triangle of land at Church/Wade Hampton/Stone.

Although the Phoenix Center (drug and alcohol treatment) has withdrawn their offer, potential buyers continue to look seriously at the former Travel Inn site. Please encourage City officials to assist in bringing attractive retail to this key spot, in order to rejuvenate this corridor and protect the adjacent neighborhoods. This long neglected area should be as carefully redeveloped as the downtown and West End. Stone Avenue and Haywood Road are currently the areas of focus, and Wade Hampton must not be overlooked.

Our District 1 Representative is Amy Doyle


Hi All. I would like to let you know that the Greater Overbrook Association is having a meeting Monday night (the 19th) with Bruce Autry and John Tynan who are candidates for Water Commissioner and Joyce Smart and Gay Sprague, candidates for the at-large council opening. We would welcome any of you who would like to attend. I do ask that we limit the question and answer time to the residents of Overbrook. However, we are having a social time afterwards and any of you who would like to talk with the candidates then are certainly welcome to do so. I don’t know how many of your associations are having the same type meeting, but thought it might be the only chance some of you would have to hear them in person.

We are also having a presentation by New York Life that may be of interest to many of you. It will last about 15 minutes or so. They are also supplying the refreshments for our social time.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and is being held at the Overbrook Gospel Chapel. Please let me know who you are when you arrive so I can put some faces with the names.
Hope to see you then.

Karen Page, President, Greater Overbrook Association


Three candidates for city offices have sent us statements outlining their positions for election to office. NMCA does not endorse candidates but we strongly urge all our members to inform themselves and get out and vote. We are publishing these statements to encourage your participation in our city electoral process.

Gaye Sprague
Candidate for Greenville City Council

Dear Friends:

It is hard to believe that there are fewer than 14 days until Election Day 2009!

The campaign journey has been amazing, educational and rewarding. It has reinforced my beliefs about our great community and all the people who keep Greenville viable and vital. Thank you for being one of those people!

My motivation to participate in city government is driven by a desire to put my unique set of skills to work for you. What makes Greenville great is our individual willingness as citizens to contribute our talents to the community we love because we know it makes a difference. As a civil engineer working with cities and counties for over 30 years, I have a valuable and relevant expertise to contribute to Council. We need fact-based planning and decision-making on Council; we need consensus building and teamwork; and I am convinced that when it comes to city issues, I am the candidate who understands best how cities work and the issues they face. I will be your best advocate.

My interest in serving the community is not new; I have served as the co-president of the PTAs at Augusta Circle Elementary and Hughes Academy and remain active in the PTSA at Greenville High School. I currently serve on the Session as an Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church and I am the chair of the Transportation Committee at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. For over 25 years I have worked in leadership roles for a variety of projects and causes and have learned that a focus on problem-solving is the key to finding good solutions.

As an independent business owner, I understand the pressures of this economic down turn. As a property owner on a commercial corridor, I understand the need for citizen input and planning foresight. As a parent, I understand the desire to protect and improve Greenville’s quality of life. I believe that my abilities can help effectively maximize available resources and build consensus among diverse community organizations to set priorities, make practical plans for our future, and implement those plans in a way that improves the stewardship of our environment, our quality of life, and the viability of our economic efforts.

I would be grateful for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, and promise to represent you, individually and as a community, if given the opportunity.

Joyce M. Smart
Candidate for Greenville City Council

The three main areas that I have focused on during my campaign for the at-large city council seat are:

1. Neighborhoods

There has to be a reasonable balance between growth in Greenville and what is best for our established neighborhoods. We witnessed exciting growth in downtown and the West End over the past few years, including many new apartments, condos and homes. In several of our neighborhoods, however, there have been attempts to build high density housing projects adjacent to stable neighborhoods and I am opposed to this type of development that would be inconsistent with the fabric of the existing area. I have written letters to Columbia in opposition to both the Brookside Circle and Augusta Heights housing projects but unfortunately the Brookside Circle development is going forward.

I also opposed Waffle House’s proposal to operate 24-hours a day. I applaud the city’s initiative to hire a consultant to design a plan for development on Stone Avenue. Having the Main Street/Earle Street trolley is a wonderful addition to the North Main neighborhood and I hope we can continue to expand on that idea for other areas of the city.

2. Public Safety

Our streets and neighborhoods need to be safe for all citizens.. I will always support funding to keep our police officers and fire fighters properly trained and equipped. I am in favor of a permanent curfew for downtown because young people need to be supervised by their parents or other adults and not dropped off to wander in large groups through the streets. Forming a Youth Commission in the city to help with constructive ideas and activities for young people could be a great first step in turning this situation in a positive direction. We should all feel safe walking in our beautiful parks and green spaces.

3. Fiscal Responsibility

Without a crystal ball, none of us can predict how this economy is going to rebound in the next few years, but it is critical to maintain a tight rein on expenditures and make adjustments as the economy dictates. The city has done an excellent job of adapting to the economic fluctuations in the past year and still has a healthy reserve fund. I have the most business experience in this race, and have managed $1+ million budgets over the years. It is sadly amazing to hear of cities or even states being heavily in debt or bankrupt and there is no reason, with consistent oversight and the ability to make tough decisions, why Greenville should ever be in that position..

Further information about my qualifications and priorities can be found on my website at www.joycesmart09.com I welcome any questions from the North Main neighbors.

John Tynan
Candidate for Water Commissioner

Greenville needs a water commissioner that understands water issues. I know water and am passionate about protecting it.

My experiences in our natural world have so impressed me that I have devoted my education and career to water management and conservation. I have a Bachelor’s in Biology from Furman and a Master’s of Environmental Management from Duke. Every day I work for Upstate Forever’s clean air and water program coordinating and collaborating with community leaders, city and county planners, elected officials, engineers, developers, and others to ensure that the Upstate has clean air and water.

Serving on the Water Commission is a way for me to use my knowledge and passion to give back to the community I love.

I am seeking election to the Greenville Water Commission to make sure Greenville continues to provide the same clean, affordable water that has allowed our community to grow and prosper. I will work with the Greenville Water System to invest in water conservation to save residents water and money. I am committed to working with community leaders to promote sensible growth and use our good, clean water to recruit new jobs to the community. I will lead on important water policy issues throughout the region and state to make sure we protect our water supplies from Atlanta and Charlotte who are getting thirstier every year and are looking to our supplies for their future needs.

I live on Croft Street in North Main with my wife Mary Virginia Hunter Tynan. I am an active member of Greenville Forward’s Environmental Task Force and served on the neighborhood task force for the City of Greenville’s Authentic Youth Civic Engagement initiative. I was a member of Plan-It-Greenville’s Economic Development committee as well as Imagine Greenville’s Land Use and Transportation committee. I was selected as one of Greenville’s ‘Best & Brightest’ for 2009.

I need your support in order to serve Greenville on the Water Commission. Please elect John Tynan to the Water Commission on November 3.
Thank you for your consideration. You can find more information on my website at www.tynanfortomorrow.com

* Note: Bruce Aughtry, who is also running for the office of Water Commissioner, did not submit info to us for publication. This should not be construed as a deliberate omission by NMCA. We offered all information that was sent to us.

Electronics and Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Event
Reminder: Event is Saturday, Nov. 14!

The Electronics and Fluorescent Tube/Bulb Recycling Event is sponsored by the City of Greenville Solid Waste Division at 360 S. Hudson Street. The event is set for Nov. 14, free to City residents. Items accepted: computer monitors, keyboards, mice, CPUs, etc. (all things that plug into a computer), fluorescent bulbs, tubes, ballasts, etc. Items may be brought to 360 S. Hudson Street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, call 864-467-8300.

NMCA Newsletter (10/09)
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