More on Door-to-door Security Sales

We are getting reports from our neighbors that the security sales people are still at it.  We did receive a response from the one representative from the company (Pinnacle/Devcon) indicating this was an ‘isolated’ individual, but most folks are  still rightfully suspicious since they do not see a vehicle, the individual can’t produce a business card, etc.  Apparently they want to come into your house and install a “chip” for free on your phone line so that if your home is broken into and the phone line is cut, this will still allow the line to call out to a security system. If you already have a security system, you may even want to check with them and see if this is a legitimate issue.
Thanks to all of those who have let us know about this! We have been in contact with the police and Courtney Palmer recommends that residents call 271-5333 to have an officer respond to or at least try to get out with the individual so they can do a Field Interview and find out who they are. This goes for anyone you think is suspicious. It is not “stupid” or“wasting officers’ time” but something we need these guys to know… that the neighborhood is watching out for each other and the police are “just around the corner” keeping their eyes on the lookout for those up to questionable activity.
More on Door-to-door Security Sales
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One thought on “More on Door-to-door Security Sales

  • August 28, 2012 at 8:55 am

    This salesman hit our house on Buist about a week or so ago. He claimed to be from GE, and he said he was part of their “advance team.” He claimed several security companies would be sending their sales people through the neighborhood soon, and he was charged with “marking” certain homes for free security system installations or free upgrades. I asked him for a business card, and he refused to produce one, however he did whip out his iPad and go to some website to show me his business profile. He also produced what he claims is a business license, but it was printed on copier paper and didn’t look remotely credible. I again asked for a business card so I may contact his supervisor, but he would only show me his name tag. When he asked to come inside and discuss things further, I asked him to leave. I regret not contacting the police, but I will if he, or someone like him, shows up again.

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