Beware of Door-to-Door Security System Sales

In response to a post to the NMCA website regarding door-to-door Security System scams, we learned the following:  The Dellwood Neighborhood Association sent the following text out in an email to their members on Monday and we are copying it here for your information.  “Our neighborhood is once again the target of door-to-door solicitations for a security system company.  The salesman begins by implying that he is working for GE…General Electric…which is embroidered on the sleeve of his shirt. In fact, the product he is marketing has components made by GE, and he is not an employee or representative of the company.  Other markings on his badge and shirt reference Pinnacle Security (based in Utah) and Devcon Security (based in Texas), both owned by Golden Gate Capital. He stated that they currently have a marketing office in Greer.

Pinnacle Security based in Utah, shown on his badge, and on the Greenville Business License that was produced when requested, has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to government actions against the company, many including deceptive practices, misrepresentation, and high-pressure sales tactics, particularly against the elderly.

Although Devcon Security is accredited by the BBB, this site has recent comments regarding the Devcon business practices.

The marketing person was very aggressive and persistent in his approach, used scare tactics regarding security from break-ins or cut lines, and wanted to come in to inspect current security systems. He would not provide a business card when requested. Comments like “I’m not going to say you’re stupid, but…”, sounds like they just did exactly that. Beware of “name-dropping”, implying other neighbors may be installing the system…always verify. The short list shown today of my interested “neighbors” had no name or address from this area, and may have been completely false.  Dealing with an uninvited pushy salesperson on your doorstep is not the best way to make the critical decision about security. Please use extra caution in evaluating their product and offers, and please caution your elderly neighbors.”

Courtney Palmer, Greenville’s Crime Prevention specialist, adds the following:  “Any company soliciting in the city limits is required to obtain a permit from city hall, have a photo id, and a uniform/shirt with company logo on it. If not, call 271-5333. If they are aggressive, which these guys always seem to be, call 271-5333 (or 911 if warranted) and we can inform them to leave and then inform city hall who can revoke their permit. This does not apply to charities or schools.”


Beware of Door-to-Door Security System Sales
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