Intruder Arrested for Burglary on Buist

Passing along information from a resident to warn others:

A resident found an intruder in their home on Buist Ave. Friday evening, Oct 7.  They returned home at 10 pm to find a strange white male standing in a bedroom wearing boxer shorts! He explained that “someone had broken into my house”. The resident quickly backed out the door and called 911. While speaking to the dispatcher, they stayed in their car parked out front and observed the man walk through the house, exit the front and side doors, walk around outside and return to the inside. He appeared to be on drugs, as he talked to himself and waved his arms. The officers arrived within minutes and were able to shout from the front door and convince the intruder to come out with his hands up. Up to this point, he was in the kitchen and out of sight.

He had gained access by breaking through a transom window next to the front door. The house alarm had not been activated that evening. Luckily their children were not home. We are relieved to know that he has been arrested and charged with 1st degree burglary.

Intruder Arrested for Burglary on Buist
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