Bennett Street Study…Traffic Calming

Some of you will be receiving a ballot sent out by the traffic engineers from the city.  A group of North Main citizens formed a committee and proposed where traffic calming could take place based on their traffic volume/speed measurements.  The streets are Bennett between Hillcrest and Gallivan, Gallivan between Mohawk and Bennett, Parkwood, Woodbine, and Mohawk between Gallivan and E Hillcrest. That’s the “Bennett street study area”.  Now the bumps will be on Bennett, Parkwood and Gallivan. Woodbine had too little traffic and Mohawk had too much traffic to get traffic calming measures. The ballot is being sent to the residents in the study area and there has to be a majority “yes” vote to get it approved.  The study group urges you to take a minute to look at the survey and complete and return it.

Bennett Street Study…Traffic Calming
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One thought on “Bennett Street Study…Traffic Calming

  • October 12, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    This is great news! It sounds like it is too late, but I would be interested to see if any part of Summit Dr. is qualified for traffic calming. Many people cut across Mohawk and speed up Summit past the elementary school and all the churches.

    Did they already do a traffic study on Summit when they added the center island?

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