Important Meetings Monday re: Development in North Main

1. The first meeting is Monday, July 15, at 5:30pm at the Sears Shelter, 401 Park Ave. concerning a mixed use development at the corner of East Stone and Rowley Streets. The proposal includes office/retail space and residential apartments, reportedly high quality with innovative design features. You will recall in the Stone Avenue Master plan, the lots on Stone Avenue were suggested mixed use giving new options for housing and neighborhood retail services. We hope new projects will set a high standard for all forthcoming development in the North End of town. This development team would like to set up a meeting to share the plans with residents.

2. The second meeting concerns a zoning change on the corner of E. Earle St. and Wade Hampton Blvd. This meeting will be held the same evening, Monday, July 15, at 7:30 pm, outside the lot on that corner. The plans are to build on that corner and the owner will be available to show you the building site and plans for parking.
According to the owner “Our existing E. Earle St. lot (TMS # 35-8-21.2) will be combined with the “51 Wade Hampton Blvd.” lot (TMS # 35-8-22) and will be split for frontage access from Wade Hampton. This will be an exciting (commercial over retail) building and fits in with the Stone Avenue Master Plan. We want you to see the lots, describe our plans and answer your questions. This brief meeting is in preparation for the Public Hearing on August 8, 2013.”
Come if you can. Refreshments will be served. Rain or Shine: Bring your umbrella. Please RSVP: Jamie Elrod 864-421-0049 if you plan to attend.

Please read the letter of concerns and questions from residents regarding the Stone Ave Project.

The following link is for the application for the Stone Avenue Project:


Dear Neighbors,

One of our residents has proposed a change in zoning to the lots at the corner of Earle and Stone Avenue. While this is framed as a minor change for a limited area, it is of great concern that this would, in fact, cause a material change to the ambiance of our historic district. Here is a summary of some key information that is included; and also what is NOT stated.

What we know:
• Change zoning on lot TMS # 35-8-21.2 from (residential) to (commercial) to connect to lot TMS # 35-8-22, which is retail. (site of the old Aloha restaurant)
• Includes a multiple-parcel area.
• If intention if zoning change is granted, according to applicant, it will be advertised as “BUILD TO SUIT”. There is no concrete plan on what will be done with the lot, or if the intent is to sell once commercial zoning is granted.

What we don’t know:
• ‘Build to Suit’ – This could include any of the following activities/structures allowed in C2 zoning.
• Height of the building – Could it be greater than allowable in our charming historic district, thus changing the character of the neighborhood?
• What does this mean for actual traffic access and parking – drawing is conceptual only and may not resemble what is built to suit. Current “plan” would include handicapped access from Earle St.
• Will enough parking spaces be available, and if not, will we have increased street parking on Cary St. and Earle St.?
• What will be the actual amount and character of foot and vehicle traffic be?
• Lighting – will there be commercial lighting that destroys the ambience of our neighborhood?
• Due to the substantial drop across those parcels, will this destabilize the hillside?
• Will ANY trees be removed?
• Will this increase noise in the neighborhood?

It is reasonable that someone may wish to develop their property. However, it is also reasonable that area residents should know what is actually proposed, in detail, before we are asked to accept what may be an acceptable change, or may materially change the character, appearance, and security of our historic downtown neighborhood.

Please study this proposed zoning change and let your voice be heard either at the hearing on August 8th at City Hall, or write our City Council Representative, Ms. Amy Doyle, and communicate your voice to her at:

Amy Ryberg Doyle
District 1 Representative
PO Box 2207
Greenville, SC 29602

Thank you for learning more about this proposed rezoning.

Important Meetings Monday re: Development in North Main
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