Door-to-door Sales Issues

Some of you may have recently had two men knock on your door trying to sell a security system from Vivent, Inc., a residential security company.   While they are well dressed and seem to have the proper identification, their sales tactics leave something to be desired.  They were quite pushy with me and showed me a long list of “my neighbors” who had signed up.  I didn’t recognize a single name and when I told them this, I was told “well, these are from an area further down the road”.

This same situation is going on in the Dellwood area.  We have reported on similar issues in the past and have received the following information from Courtney Palmer with the Greenville Police Dept.

‘While we believe they are legit, if residents are having issues (aggressive or pushy solicitors) always pass this on to Greenville Cares and encourage your neighbors to call/email also. This will create a “paper trail” and if there are issues with a solicitor that cause a neighborhood problems, they can revoke their permit, if they have one.’

Greenville Cares contact information is:   or call 864-232-2273.  You can also go to their website and click on a button to reach them or report a problem.

Door-to-door Sales Issues
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