Dogs Attacking Dog Walkers

Many of you may have seen the post on Nextdoor last week about a resident and dog who were charged by a pit bull near McDonald St and E. Hillcrest around 10:30pm. The owner of the 2 pit bulls was on the other side of the street – had them on leashes but reportedly had zero control. One slipped off its collar and attacked the resident’s dog. He fought him off while the owner tried to control the other pit bull.

According to the victim, the dog that was attacked was not aggressive and the attack was unprovoked. The pit bull owner reportedly got control, and the only comment he made was “that’s why I walk them at night.” The resident was not bitten, but a few vet bills later, it was still a bit traumatic, for the person and the dog (who weighs close to 100 lbs).

We had another member who saw the same dogs when he was walking his 2 dogs (one of which is a senior) this week on E. Mountainview between N. Main and McDonald. We are posting this to warn our members and neighbors about situations like this. Unfortunately, owners can’t always control their aggressive dogs, and they are not always pit bulls. If this had happened to a child or smaller or older dog the outcome might have been much worse.

If this should happen to you, please call the police immediately, especially if it’s after hours when animal control can’t be reached. By ordinance definition, such dogs are termed vicious and dangerous and action will be taken. Take pictures of any injury and of the person and the dog(s) if possible. Some dog owners carry a stick or water bottle, but that’s probably not going to do much good in this case.

Please be alert and be careful.

Dogs Attacking Dog Walkers
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