City Continues Work on Downtown Tree Management Plan

To help ensure the sustainability of Main Street’s trees, the City of Greenville will continue its proactive implementation of the Main Street Tree Management Plan. Work will begin the week of January 18, 2010 near the McBee Avenue intersection. Improvements in the Hyatt block will follow.

Schneider Tree Care will visit with nearby merchants and will be available for questions regarding the schedule. All work will be planned to minimize disruptions and will include adding eleven new trees, transplanting three, and removing five. Part of the plan’s goal is to improve the growing space and soil conditions for the trees so they remain healthy. Additionally, the City will eliminate the need for overhead wires for the Saturday Market by embedding the lines within the nearby planting beds.

This is the fourth year of this program. The work done now will help ensure that downtown’s canopy remains healthy for years to come! Contact Schneider Tree Care at (864) 244-3088 or the City’s Parks and Grounds Department at (864) 467-4350 with questions.

Click here here for maps of the project.

The areas in red show the tree rehabilitation sites; areas in blue represent tree removal and tree replacement sites (parking bays); and yellow indicates power installation sites only.

City Continues Work on Downtown Tree Management Plan