Your Vote is Your Voice!

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 This coming Tuesday, November 6, South Carolina voters will elect the governor, other statewide offices and new members of the U.S. Congress, the South Carolina House of Representatives and county councils.  As of today, you will be voting at your original voting locations as indicated at this page.  Precinct 1 – League Academy.  Precinct 3 – Summit Elementary.  Precinct 4 – Stone Academy.  Precinct 5 – Sears Shelter.

Voters’ home addresses determine the districts and ballot measures for which they’re eligible to vote, aside from statewide offices or measures open to every voter in the state. Visit the South Carolina Election Commission online at for more information specific to your address and get sample ballots you can study before the election.

Remember, in the general election, you have the option of voting straight ticket, which means you vote only for the candidates in one party, or you can crossover vote, meaning you do not have to declare a party like you did in the primary. You can vote for the candidate, regardless of party. Even if you vote straight ticket, you can still go back and change votes on selected races. Voters should also be aware that when voting straight ticket no selection is made for nonpartisan offices and questions. These contests must be voted individually. As always, voters should carefully review their choices on the review screen before casting their ballot.

Questions have been raised about the following Constitutional Amendment Question which will appear on ballots:  Amendment 1.  Must Section 7, Article VI of the Constitution of this State, relating to state constitutional officers, be amended so as to provide that beginning in January 2023, or upon a vacancy in the office of Superintendent of Education after the date of the ratification of the provisions of this paragraph, whichever occurs first, the Superintendent of Education must be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate; to provide that the appointed Superintendent of Education shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor; and to require the General Assembly to provide by law for the duties, compensation, and qualifications for the office?”


‘Yes’ vote will require the Superintendent of Education be appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate.

‘No’ vote maintains the current method of electing a Superintendent of Education.

 For a comprehensive list of Q &A’a regarding the election process, go to

Your Vote is Your Voice!
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