Who is “Waffling” on Midnight Waffles?

There is a waffle tidbit (new entree?) slowly cooking on the Stone Ave. griddle.

As you may recall, Greenville City Council did kick the midnight waffle issue down the zoning appeals road. Instead of  taking a position on whether the Waffle House should stay open beyond midnight, they passed an ordinance that gave an option to commercial businesses if they wanted to stay open beyond midnight in the city of Greenville. These businesses now had to go before the Board of Zoning Appeals to request an “exception” to stay open past the midnight hour.

Now, you can understand that City Council did not want to appear as being anti-waffle and wanted a long-term strategy for dealing with chain restaurants noted for crime problems and lousy food.

But, we never did get an answer from city council members about whether the Waffle House should stay open beyond midnight.

In fact, will the city staff at the hearing (June 17th) take a position on the Waffle House staying open beyond the Cinderalla hour or not?

It is safe to say that the neighborhood associations do not want a 24/7 business with a criminal record in the backyard of residences. Will the City support our position?

Go ahead and ask your city council member about that and let us know what they say.

We haven’t got an answer yet.

We will let you know the names of city officials who “waffle” on it.

Who is “Waffling” on Midnight Waffles?
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One thought on “Who is “Waffling” on Midnight Waffles?

  • June 2, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    The City of Greenville needs money. All city officals will do nothing to interfere with the flow of revenue. City Council avoids criticism by kicking the problem to the Zoning Board who are not elected and usually have ties to the developer/real estate industry. NMCA has a big fight on it’s hands if we hope to stop this thing. We need to enlist every household within the NMCA neighborhood to have any hope of stopping this thing. I will do all that I can.

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