Warning about ADT Scam

A couple of weeks ago several suspiciously acting individuals representing themselves as ADT security representatives were reported as active in the Parkins Mill area.  They were not authorized representatives, nor authorized contracted companies.  These groups seem to have no boundaries and it was thought they might appear in other areas.

Just yesterday, an individual wearing a Honeywell T-shirt and pretending to be an ADT representative approached a Holmes Drive resident (who had an ADT sign in their yard) asking to “change the batteries” on their security system.  ID was requested, and he had none.  ADT was contacted…they have no reps in the area.  He is driving a silver Prius, with a temporary NC tag, very slowly…a photo of the car and the tag was obtained, and the Greenville Police have been contacted.


Please contact any of your older neighbors who may not have email, and alert them to the scam.

If this vehicle is seen in the area, please contact the Greenville Police at the non-emergency 271-5333

Warning about ADT Scam
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