Waffles in the Morning, Dancing in the Evening

Normally, you try not to think of April 15th, tax day. This year, it’s also a the day of Waffles in the morning and Dancing in the evening.

As we announced earlier, Thursday – April 15th – is the day when the Waffle House corporate team of lawyers will be waiting in suspense with local residents to see if a judge allows waffles to be served all day and night on Stone Avenue. The hearing is at 11 AM at the Greenville County Courthouse on the corner of East North and Church Streets downtown.

Since the Waffle House’s first “welcome to the neighborhood” civic gesture is to sue the taxpayers of the City, let’s hope justice prevails and stops this chain, corporate restaurant from operating beyond midnight.

But, after the Waffle Hearing is over, you can prepare for Dancing with the Stars at the Poinsett Hotel downtown. Why?

Well, our District 1 City Council member, Amy Ryberg Doyle, is one of the local celebrities in a dance competition for charity. As the article starts out:

Amy Ryberg Doyle is more familiar with motions and ordinances than caminadas and giros, but the Greenville city councilwoman is stepping out from behind the bench and onto the dance floor for a Carolina Ballet Theatre fundraiser.

“Being a non-dancer, it’s literally like learning to drive and going right to the highway,” Doyle said.

Let’s hope she is unable to take the highway to the Stone Avenue Waffle House after midnight!

Good Luck, Amy! Bad Luck, Waffle House!

Waffles in the Morning, Dancing in the Evening
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