VOTE on March 26!

This Tuesday, March 26, is the special election for State Senate District 6.  You will be voting for either Tina Belge or Dwight Loftis to fill the seat vacated by William Timmons.  Voter turnout is embarrassingly low for primaries and special elections; hence, it’s very important that everyone turn out and vote!  Lines will likely be short, so it won’t take but a few minutes from your busy day.

We want to make sure that no one can avoid voting by using the excuse that they didn’t know where to go. Precincts 1 and 3 (which normally vote at League and Summit) will be voting at Stone Lake Community Club on Chick Springs. Precinct 4 (which normally votes at Stone Academy) will be voting at the Sears Shelter at McPherson Park. District 5 will be voting at the Sears Shelter, their normal voting location.

Stone Lake Community Club voters will be one of two locations ‘testing’ a new voting method. (The other is in Taylors.) Voters will be provided a preprinted paper ballot to mark in private. Voters will insert ballots into a precinct scanner. The results will be imaged and securely stored for election night tabulation.

Please get out on March 26 and vote! It’s your right and an important privilege.  This is a very important election!

VOTE on March 26!
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