Update on Last Thursday’s PC Meeting

For those who could not make the Planning Commission Meeting on Thursday, here is a brief update on what happened:

The Earle St/Elrod development had requested that their application be withdrawn from the agenda.  The developer did not give a reason in his request letter but the PC approved the withdrawal.  We can expect to see it at a later date.

The Montclair ‘subdivision’ project was approved unanimously with 3 stipulations (as outlined in the application:

  • A Minor Stormwater Permit will be required if the total site has more than 60% cover.  If the overall impervious area is <60% (which will be verified with each single family residence permit submittal), then a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Permit will be required.
  • Each residence will require a new service fee through ReWa and a separate and direct connection without crossing a property line to the City’s sanitary sewer main.
  • Landscape compliance plans must be prepared which meet the requirements of Section 19-6-2 of the City’s landscaping, buffering and screening ordinance.

There was opposition from residents based on the safety issue with more houses, more cars and more kids.  That street has a lot of children who play in the street.  It was mentioned that it would help to see the divided lot with 3 houses on a larger map to show how it fits in with the existing houses rather than a picture of just the 3 lots by themselves.  There was also the ongoing concern shared by many that infill based on current zoning requirements is not in fitting with the historic North Main neighborhood of diverse homes and residents. The owner/developer is not locked into anything as long as he meets code.  He is now talking about detached garages in the back to give more yard space.  He reiterated his desire to save the large trees on the lots and incorporate diversity into his designs to avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ look that other new developments have.

The Stone Ave/Rowley St rezoning request passed but with questions about the large number of apartments and the resulting parking issues and increased traffic on Rowley.  There was also concern about the height (4 stories) of one section of the development.  Most people were in favor of this project as it does fit within the scope of what was established for the Stone Avenue revitalization.


Update on Last Thursday’s PC Meeting
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