Update on Bobby Pearse Community Center

~ from John DeWorken (GreenvilleCity Council District 1)
First let me say a heartfelt thanks to all who have worked to ensure the Bobby Pearse Center is fixed. I truly believe that with your efforts, including the results of the survey that was sent out earlier this year by the North Main Community Association, which showed overwhelming support for the Community Center, the City is on track to fix the Bobby Pearse Center.
Furthermore, I believe the City staff and Council have clearly heard from residents that the BPC is important to the North Main Community. And, as such, I am optimistic that other Council members see this as an important asset to our community.
As for the timeline, staff has indicated that as soon as the architects prepare the bid documents and once it is permitted, the City will publicly bid the project and then will come back to Council with a firm estimate of how much staff believes they will need to fix the BPC. Staff anticipates a two to three month turnaround on this, putting us at the end of February to put this in front of Council.
I know this is well overdue, but it is progress…and I think we will get there.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

John DeWorken
Greenville City Council
District 1
Cell: 864.905.5529
Update on Bobby Pearse Community Center
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