Upcoming Meetings on North Main Development

There are two important meetings coming up that all North Main residents should be aware of and participate in. Some think just because this particular subdivision is not in their backyard that it doesn’t affect them. You’re wrong. All you need to do is look around at all the subdivisions and infill projects going in throughout the North Main neighborhood to see that everyone is affected or will be as the city tries to increase density. If you have concerns about how this is being done, you need to be aware and informed and communicate these concerns.

The first meeting is this Wednesday evening, June 10, at 6:15 pm at the Sears Recreation Center at McPherson Park. (See notice below…click on it to get a larger view). This is the public meeting for the proposed subdivision between W. Hillcrest and W. Mountainview which involves 9 single family lots .

The second meeting is the Planning Commission Meeting on Thursday, June 18, at 4PM , in the 10th floor Council Chambers at City Hall. This is the formal PC meeting on the proposed subdivision above. You can read the documentation at SD-15-402 – Towne Street Ext.pdf

Reid Hipp Public Meeting Notice

Upcoming Meetings on North Main Development
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