Two North Main Subdivision Proposals to be Presented Next Week

The City of Greenville Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, April 16th (a week from tomorrow)  at 4:00 PM in the 10th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall, for the purpose of considering several Applications. Two of particular interest to the North Main Neighborhood are:


  •  SD 15-121. Application by Arbor Engineering for a SUBDIVISION with 8 lots in R-6, Single-family residential district, and 1 lot in C-3, Regional commercial district, on 3.5 acres located at WADE HAMPTON BLVD and MOHAWK DR (TM# 018801-11-00400)


  •  SD 15-183. Application by Reid Hipp for a SUBDIVISION of 8 lots located at 212 TOWNES ST EXT, between West Mountainview and West Hillcrest, zoned R-6, Single-Family Residential District (TM# 017800-05-02601; 017800-05-03100; 017800-05-04100; 017800-05-04200; 017800-05-04300; 017800-05-04400; 017800-05-04600; 017800-05-04700; 017800-05-04800; 017800-05-04900). (Ed. Many of you are more familiar with this property as the former “Cottages at Townes” proposed subdivision) 


If you want additional details on each of these, go to the City Planning Commission website and click on 04-16-2015 under Planning Commission. You will be able to open each application. Each of these developers have held the required Public Meetings and residents have tried and are still trying to have input.

You may view the Land Management Ordinance and its attendant Administrative Manual on the City’s website (see Article 19-2, Administration, for further information on the development review process).

We encourage all interested residents to attend these meetings and comment or express your concerns.


Two North Main Subdivision Proposals to be Presented Next Week
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