Two Development Issues of Interest to Residents

1.  On the Planning Commission Agenda today (August 20) is the application by the City for a Text Amendment to establish 3 new single family residential zoning classifications: R-4: 4,000 sq. ft. minimum lot size;      R15:  15,000 sq. ft. minimum lot size; and R-20: 20,000 sq. ft. minimum lot size. This was postponed from last month due to concerns citizen comments on how the addition of R4 zoning might allow developers to build homes in other areas of the city on even smaller lots than the current R-6 zoning which is common in this area. While supposedly designed to ‘protect’ other areas of the city, residents asked for additional wording that would prevent its use in areas like North Main where it would not fit with the traditional feel and look of this area. You can find the agenda and additional information for the PC meeting at

  1. The second item of interest is the application by VIA LLC TO REZONE 0.11 acre located at 226 E EARLE ST from R-6, Single-family residential, district to OD, Office & institutional, district (TM# 003500-08-02102).  While NMCA cannot take a stand on divisive issues such as these, we feel a responsibility to let our members know about it in case someone is interested in finding out more information.   The following is a letter from North Main residents regarding this application:

“Michele Drake and Chris Meier, both 27+ year Cary Street residents, staged an opposition in 2014 when an applicant attempted to change a residential lot on E. Earle from Residential to Commercial.   That application failed.

 Last month, the applicant reapplied to change the zoning again, this time to Office, also known as OD.  The opposition is not against development on the lot at the intersection of Mohawk, Stone and Earle, also known by locals as the “Aloha Lot”.  The opposition is in allowing a residential lot on E. Earle to be changed so it may be combined with the “Aloha Lot” to be developed.

 Although we can appreciate businesses close by, we want to keep businesses away from our homes and not allow them to encroach on a residential lot, and into our neighborhood.  Especially with the proposed development of North Pointe directly across the street.  We need to preserve the natural barrier between North Pointe and our neighborhood.  Taking down the barrier hill at the entrance of E. Earle St. would forever eradicate the sanctity of our neighborhood and remove the natural separation between business and residential.  If one lot can be rezoned, can others?

 I am asking if you will join your fellow neighbors, to let our voices be heard to say that we want our neighborhoods protected.  If so, please click on the link below to sign the petition to Protect Our Neighborhood.

 If you have any questions, please email Michele at or call Chris at 593-6959.” 

Please note that while originally on today’s PC agenda, the applicant has requested to postpone this item to the September 17th Planning Commission meeting.



Two Development Issues of Interest to Residents
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