Traffic Safety Projects in North Main

You’ve probably seen the detour signs placed around the neighborhood and wondered what that is all about.  The following video sent from City Council Member John DeWorken will help explain.  The fourth item mentioned is a redlight at Hillcrest.  As you know, that redlight has been there a long time.  We asked for clarification and were told that it referred to changes that have already been made.  While most of you won’t notice it, if you’re out late at night, you’ll see that the light at the intersection of Main and Hillcrest is always red.  You have to stop and then it will change.  This is because of the inherent danger at this intersection as well as past accidents due partly to people flying over the hill or getting impatient waiting for the light to turn so they can turn off of Hillcrest onto Main.

Incoming NMCA President Steve Mills will be meeting with John and city officials to discuss the location of the push button that pedestrians push to cross N. Main as well as other issues.

Traffic Safety Projects in North Main
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