Things We Love About the North Main Community

The Board Members of the North Main Community Association (NMCA) are often asked what is special or important about the community.  While we are usually able to come up with answers, they are usually bits and pieces of the whole story.  What we want to do, with your help, is create a document for our website and our members about what makes our neighborhood special.  There are some things, like the dogwoods in the median of North Main Street that we know will be on the list.  But we suspect that there are many local landmarks and features we do not know, and would love to discover. Long-time residents probably know what they like, but new residents will appreciate knowing what they’ve ‘lucked into’.

So, send us your ideas by using the comments section below, email, or even the USPS.  You can send lists, stories, nominations, historic or modern photographs, or all of the above.

Some ground rules.

  1. It must be in the North Main boundaries. Note that this includes Earle Street and the businesses on North Main, Rutherford, Stone Avenue, and the Mohawk/Wade Hampton area.
  2. The nominations or suggestions may be buildings, parks, individual properties, landscape features, views, or even significant individual people. The nominations may also include businesses like the Northgate Soda Shop.
  3. Nominations should be specific, and should give a clear location if possible. Giving a reason why something is loved, or telling a brief story, is as important as just having the name of something.
  4. Please do not use this site to voice complaints or things you don’t like. For that, please go to the ‘Got a Gripe’ link to the left.

Links to boundary map and email are above, and USPS address is:

North Main Community Association (or just  NMCA)
P.O. Box 571
Greenville, SC 29602

The Board will sort through the list, and try to bring some order to it. We hope to send a report out in the June newsletter with a first draft and requests for help to fill in details. We hope to finalize the list and have a draft of a final product by October.

A final note. While this is called “50 Things We Love,” there is nothing magical about the number fifty. If the list grows to 100, so be it. Let us know!


Things We Love About the North Main Community
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