Take Precautions When Receiving Packages

Six warehouse workers for Amazon have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, according to The Washington Post.

As much of the nation has depended upon Amazon for vital access to products, workers at facilities in New York City, Jacksonville, Florida, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Katy, Texas, Brownstown, Michigan and Oklahoma City were infected with the coronavirus, the Post reported on Tuesday.

“In some cases, Amazon shut down facilities for cleaning, and some co-workers who were in close contact with their infected colleagues have been quarantined.”

Workers at Amazon warehouses in Italy and Spain have also tested positive. In response, some 1,500 Amazon employees signed a petition that urged Amazon to take more steps to protect them, according to the Post.

(Ed. note: What I have read is that you should leave the package outside for 24 hours as that’s how long it lives on cardboard. If that’s not possible, take the item out of the box, then take the item in and wash hands thoroughly. This should probably be the case with any package you receive.)

Take Precautions When Receiving Packages
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