Stone Avenue Planning Update – You Can Still Get Involved

A number of your fellow NMCA members/neighbors joined other area residents and business owners Saturday morning in an intensive hands-on design/brainstorming session about what we want for the future of Stone Avenue. A lot of great ideas came out of this exercise as we tried to put our collective vision on paper.

Want to see what we came up with?

This process is far from over and you still have an opportunity to get involved! From Monday through Wednesday, March 22-24 from 9am – 7pm, stop by the design team’s studio at 225 East Stone Avenue to talk with the consultants/designers and provide input as the plan evolves. On Tuesday, March 23, from 5:30 – 7pm, drop by the open house at the same location to see the design team’s work-to-date and provide feedback. Finally, on Thursday evening, March 25, from 6:30-9pm, come see the work that was completed during the week and hear about the next step. This meeting will be held in the sanctuary at the Earle Street Baptist Church. For more details about the meetings or the design process, check out the official Plan Stone Avenue Website.

Stone Avenue Planning Update – You Can Still Get Involved
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