Special Cat Needs a Forever Home


Wanted: A Home for the Holidays. I am currently fostering a cat who is quarantined in one room of my home. His name is Casper and he is solid white. (From the photos you can see a few old battle scars and one floppy ear. You can’t tell, but he has pretty blue eyes.) We think he is a mature cat and was taken care of by a man down the street who recently passed away. Casper then decided he wanted in my house. He is definitely a house cat, even though you can tell he was a tom cat for much of his life. He likes nothing better than to sit in your lap, purr, nuzzle and ‘make muffins’. He is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever seen and I would keep him but those who know me know I have 17 already. He is litter trained and very affectionate. The problem is, Casper has conjunctivitis which is contagious to other cats, which is why he is quarantined. It is NOT contagious to humans or dogs. I took him to my vet and had him neutered, had dental work done, got him tested for major cat diseases (all negative) and got him up-to-date on all his shots. He probably should be an only cat. I don’t know how he does with dogs.

I am looking for a good home for him…someone who perhaps has no other pets and who likes a lap cat. Someone who will keep him inside and love him. That’s all he is asking for…to be loved.

If you or someone you know is interested, please call Phyllis at 864-235-2373 or email me at pgilreath@aol.com and we will arrange an ‘interview’. If you cannot help, please ask around. He deserves a good home, especially here at the Holidays. Thank you!!




















Special Cat Needs a Forever Home
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