Revision to City’s Ordinance on Landscaping, Buffering and Screening

A proposed revision to the City of Greenville Ordinance on Landscaping, buffering and screening (Section 19-6.2) was issued for public comment in mid-July.  The requested deadline for public comments is tomorrow, August 30th.
We apologize for overlooking a notification to our members earlier.  Nonetheless, we believe your awareness and notification is important.  Hence, the draft document can be found at this link for your information. The URL for the current ordinance in effect is:
In the event you may have comments, you can provide them directly to the City or us.  Since this is such short notice, please provide comments to us even after the deadline if you have any.  Just email them to  We will make sure issues important to you are communicated to the City staff.
We understand from the City Communications Manager that the next step in the process is an internal review of the draft ordinance and comments received by City staff.  We do not have a schedule for that review.  Consequently, should we hear from members, we will take steps to communicate those to the City Staff after the deadline.
The only comment NMCA will offer presently has to do with the applicability of this ordinance with the In-Fill Ordinance published several years ago.  The two appear independent and it seems to us that some of the content in Section 19-6, should be relevant to the In-Fill Ordinance scope, too.
Thank you.
Revision to City’s Ordinance on Landscaping, Buffering and Screening
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