Results of Community Comments on Proposed Change in Trolley Route

Note:  There were over 100 comments submitted. We have listed only actual comments here.  The rest were just one or two words such as ‘great idea’, ‘love the idea’ or ‘yes, please’.  I would add that since we also put this on our Facebook page, we did get some responses from North Main residents who are not NMCA members, but we were happy they also responded.


Positive Comments:

  • Most important thing is to maximize riders and reduce number of cars going downtown.
  • Trolley is not dependable and we end up riding bike instead.  New app has helped tremendously and any change should keep route running as smooth as possible.
  • Great idea!  Suggest North Main>Gallivan>Mohawk>beginning of Wade Hampton>Stone Ave.    This would knock out problematic hill on Bennett and allow more access for new North Pointe residents. Also, this would be more convenient to Community Tap and UJoint, both of which have parking problems.
  • In favor of new route as it would eliminate awkward turn at N. Main and Earle.  Public safety improvement.
  • Wider intersection at N. Main and Gallivan would mean easier pick up and drop off.  Gallivan is wider St. than E. Earle with fewer cars parked on sides.
  • Soda Shop/Rotary Park are natural collection points for individuals and families.  Will improve likelihood of residents walking to new most northern turn.
  • Still need stops for N and S ridership in close proximity to N. Main and Stone.
  • As resident of E. Earle near Bennett, we would love it if my wife and I and soon to be twins could hop on at Stone and Bennett.  In past had to bike and with twins this is not possible.  Would be great!
  • We live on Cary St. and fully support the change…much more convenient.
  • We live on Parkwood and our family would use it for sure!  Actually, lots of families on Parkwood, Gallivan and E. Hillcrest, not to mention Bennett.
  • Very excited about this. With new app we think this will limit how much we and others drive downtown.
  • Proposed change is great!  With all the growth planned in the area around Stone Ave. it will be a better way to safely and easily travel to all the businesses downtown.  AND for downtown folks to come to N. Main’s new eating and shopping options.  What a smart adaptation to the current route.
  • Interesting addition. If Northpointe happens, that would put it within 2 blocks and could go to Mohawk to serve even more people.
  • Love it!  Would take trolley downtown if I didn’t have to climb the hill to Earle.  Those now being served on W. Earle would only have a level walk.
  • Great idea!  We are in our 50’s and 60’s and are weekly riders on Russell near Bennett.  We have difficulty with what we call “Heart Attack Hill”.
  • Would increase ridership with stops and Soda Shop and UJoint and give riders something to do while waiting and bring more $$$ to our neighborhood businesses.  Would be nice if Community Tap could be close to route.
  • Would love it! We have lived here since ’97.  We do not use the Trolley now because of where it ends.
  • Would be wonderful!  We live in North Main due to proximity to downtown.  Bringing trolley more into North Main would definitely help with parking downtown.
  • Awesome!  Less traffic downtown = more pedestrian friendly and gets more people who hate parking downtown to go there and spend $$. All wins in my book.
  • Fantastic idea!  Our family would definitely use it more to go downtown and it would relieve congestion and improve safety on Stone Ave at the UJoint.
  • Being able to park at the Soda Shop and ride downtown and to the UJoint would be great (Parking at both are terrible now.)
  • Will begin using it if it stops at Soda Shop.  Safer option in the dark than current location on Stone.
  • Thanks to whoever proposed it.  We live close enough to walk to the Soda Shop but hate making that last hill!  Also, many could drive their golf carts to the Soda Shop and catch it there.
  • My family lives on Ashley and we walked the hill a few times and finally decided to just drive. Haven’t ridden since.  Bring it on!
  • Love the idea!  Live at far end of Buist and this change would make it easier to catch trolley.  Would ride more often.
  • It would be great if it could go to Mohawk to avoid the hill on Bennett.  The curve on Mohawk might be a problem in turning right as far as visibility of oncoming traffic, but turn onto Stone would be easier plus it would be closer to the Community Tap and Northpointe. Possibly could put a sign on Mohawk before Gallivan warning cars to watch for Trolley.
  • Been wanting this for years!!



Negative Comments:

  • Like it the way it is but willing to be a team player if many are in favor of the change.
  • The app is not working well.
  • No stop on Croft would mean we would have to drive to a pickup location.
  • Not such a good route.  Gallivan has parked cars on both sides of street along with yard debris piles.  School buses use that route.  Children play along sidewalk.  Large trucks use Gallivan as route to new construction sites. Lots of traffic on Gallivan especially on Friday afternoons.  Speed deterrents are so low that cars virtually ignore them.
  • I’ve recently started to feel that the city is pushing more and more into our quiet little bohemian neighborhood. My biggest question is what is wrong with the current route?  The trolley is extremely slow and causes traffic congestion, which we don’t need any more of.  I have never taken it from the neighborhood due to inaccurate schedule.  So I end up walking downtown and taking a cab home.  I don’t think Gallivan needs any more traffic.  Perhaps if the City wants to give it a try, they can wait until the construction at Main and Stone is complete. Right now there’s enough confusion, closed lanes and backups.  I feel this change is not a good idea. All it’s doing is saving people from walking up the hill to Earle.  Or, they can board at the UJoint with the new route.  It was my understanding the UJoint intended its location to be a walking destination.  Stone is already a huge mess and the trolley making frequent stops on it would not help.



  • Even if trial run shows problems, could it be rethought and not just given up on?
  • Pick up locations?  N.W. corner of Stone and Bennett across from UJoint or somewhere down Stone?  Safer this way.  Then left on Main and pull over into bike lane going south to pick up.
  • Could trolley go all the way to Rutherford to get even more ridership?
  • How many stops on Stone?
  • Where are stops on Main going north?  In front of Rite Aid or beside it on way up hill.
  • For test ride, will it be full of people for a true test of the hills?
  • City transportation engineers should advise but opposite Horizon records would be better than stopping on Stone in front of the Main & Stone apartments.  Maybe at intersection of Earle to limit congestion if it stopped by Rite Aid?
  • Where is stop when traveling south on N. Main from intersection?  Would suggest past the Shell station and not too close to Stone.
  • Why are the Feds involved in the Trolley?
  • Instead of both trolleys doing the whole route, maybe have one do N. Main to Coffee St. and the other the ballfield to Coffee St.  Shorter routes mean the trolleys would pass more often.
  • Could it go up N. Main to Hillcrest then right to Bennett? The further north it goes, the more potential riders.
  • Can it stop at Gallivan and Bennett?  For those of us on Summit it would be a great benefit.


Results of Community Comments on Proposed Change in Trolley Route
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