Residents Asked to Check Fire Extinguishers

From Will Broscious
Community Risk Reduction & Education Coordinator, Greenville Fire Dept.

In response to the recent recall of 37.8 million Kidde brand fire extinguishers, the Greenville City Fire Department (GCFD) is encouraging city residents to check the fire extinguishers in their homes. Fire Chief Steve Kovalcik is also urging citizens to practice fire-safe habits and to always call 911 before attempting to use a fire extinguisher.

Although the recalled fire extinguishers are typically found in residential settings, while performing routine fire inspections of commercial buildings, GCFD fire inspectors will be checking the fire extinguishers to make sure they are not on the recall list. If the fire extinguishers are on the recall list, business owners will be required to replace them.

“It is our mission to serve and protect members of the community whether they are at home, at work or patronizing one of our local businesses,” said Kovalcik. “Through community education and our commercial fire inspection program, we are doing our best to prevent fires from ever happening in the first place.”

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Residents Asked to Check Fire Extinguishers
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